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Second in a series of blog posts about the original five businesses featured in the Wells Fargo Works Project webisodes, Kelly Lester describes how the experience helped her EasyLunchboxes business win new customers and prepare for a potential sale. Continue reading

As we approach the long weekend, we pause to salute everyone who works. Thanks, everyone—your labor makes us all better. Have a great weekend!

The research doesn’t lie: Money is a leading cause of divorce. Whether you’re dealing with an inability to talk about it, a difference of opinion about how to spend it, or just the stress of not having enough of it, … Continue reading

In this video, Wells Fargo CEO, John Stumpf speaks with Mindy Lubber, president of Ceres, a nonprofit advocating for sustainable business practices. Mindy and John discuss Wells Fargo’s …

Stocks closed higher on a full day of economic news ahead of the long weekend. Consumer spending and incomes in July disappointed, inflation was kept in check, Chicago-area manufacturing picked up pace, and the consumer mood brightened. The Dow rose … Continue reading

The post Don’t let the bed bugs bite (by not riding the subway) appeared first on AdvantageVoice.

The importance of extracurriculars Extracurricular activities aren’t just a way for you to pursue your hobbies – they can also show prospective colleges what makes you a stand out as an applicant. But with all the available options, it can … Continue reading

I was recently serving on a panel and someone asked me, “How do you manage getting through stressful situations?”  I was asked this in the context of running my business and being a leader; however, I think it could apply … Continue reading