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QE2 goes into mothballs, stocks go into steep climb

The major indexes rallied for the fourth-straight day as the quarter came to a close and the Fed’s program of “quantitative easing,” or “QE2,” came to an end. The Dow gained 152 points, the Nasdaq rose by 33, and the… Continue reading

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2011 mid-year review

Our team of capital markets strategists just released their mid-year review for 2011, and what a year it’s been so far: dramatic unrest throughout the Middle East; a massive earthquake in Japan that put the entire world on the alert… Continue reading

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June 30th marks the end of the second quarter and, more importantly (perhaps), the end of the Fed’s second round of quantitative easing (QE2). While there will be no ceremony (such as a wake) to mark the occasion, financial historians… Continue reading


The hot seat heats up

A successful vote on the austerity package in Greece, unexpectedly strong pending home sales in the U.S., and a new debit card swipe fee proposal from the Fed propelled the markets to a third-straight day of solid gains. The Dow… Continue reading

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Links, news, and diversions chart on the double-dip in the housing market. Felix Salmon on structural unemployment in the U.S. Used car prices expected to continue rising this year. When launching a corporate charity campaign, always be aware of ironic consequences. New York… Continue reading

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A new type of credit score

Investors were optimistic about tomorrow’s parliamentary vote in Greece on the austerity plan, although protestors took to Greece’s streets against the measures, which included tax hikes, major cuts to spending, lower government salaries, and asset sales. In the U.S., the… Continue reading

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Will vacationers benefit from the recent fall in oil prices?

On June 23rd, the 28 member countries of the International Energy Agency (IEA) agreed to release 60 million barrels of oil into the marketplace. Subsequently, crude oil prices plunged over 4%. This action by the IEA marks only the third… Continue reading

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Workplace blues

After three days of losses, the major indexes advanced today ahead of this week’s parliamentary vote in Greece on new austerity measures. Also moving markets was the announcement of new capital guidelines for banks—called Basel III—by the Bank for International… Continue reading

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New bank capital requirements may slow economic growth

Summary: New capital requirements could give regulators more power to distort what types of assets banks hold, effectively creating captive buyers of that government’s debt. Under the new regime, U.S. banks may be better positioned than their European competitors to… Continue reading


The week ahead, the week behind

The sovereign debt crisis in Europe again dominated the news. Greece’s Prime Minister survived a no-confidence vote, which quelled any immediate concern that the country would default on its debt. On Thursday, Greece announced that it came to an agreement… Continue reading

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