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More light, less rest

Whatever investors had hoped to get out of Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke’s testimony to Congress today, they didn’t get it (unless they were hoping for a continuation of the status quo). He signaled no further quantitative easing, nor did he… Continue reading

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What’s your investment philosophy? (excerpt)

An investment philosophy drives the financial decisions you make. Here to explain is Adam Kurkiewicz, CFA, Investment Analyst with Wells Fargo Funds Management, LLC. Adam joined guest host Andy Azinger and Peter Nulty in this excerpt from On the Trading… Continue reading

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Alphabet soup: ECB’s second LTRO

In its second long-term refinancing operation (LTRO), the European Central Bank (ECB) lent 530 billion euros to eurozone banks. In the first LTRO, the ECB lent 489 billion euros to eurozone banks. The LTROs are up to three-year loans to… Continue reading

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Dow closes above 13,000

Competing economic reports vied for investors’ attention today. Housing prices continued to sink, and durable goods orders in January were much lower than expected. However, consumer sentiment held up surprisingly well in a month when gas prices could have taken… Continue reading

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Durable goods: Payback time

Summary: The expiration of the 2011 full-depreciation provision probably shifted durable goods orders into 2011 and out of 2012. Total inventories are at their highest level in five years, suggesting that there is little need to expand production in… Continue reading

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Raising the roof on rents

Good news about pending home sales and the German parliament’s agreement to a Greek bailout weren’t enough for stocks, and the major indexes were flat after a day that saw significant trading swings. The Dow reversed a big loss in… Continue reading


Profits and the power of feedback

“All men make mistakes, but married men find out about them sooner.”  Red Skelton After one and thirty years of a very happy marriage, I can add “oh ‘tis true, ‘tis true.” And it is wonderful. It is one of… Continue reading


Oil’s fear factor

Summary: The recent increase in prices is likely driven by fear of supply disruptions and not because of optimism about economic growth. Consumers and businesses are probably more resilient to oil and gasoline price increases than they were in 2008…. Continue reading

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Interviewing “d’ohs” and don’ts

A modest market rally lost steam toward the session close, and the major indexes closed relatively flat. One culprit was the continued rise in the price of crude oil futures, as worries about Iran intensified. Sweet crude oil futures on… Continue reading

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What’s your investment philosophy? (podcast)

Every investor should have a single guiding philosophy—a thought or belief—by which they make investment decisions. What goes into creating an investment philosophy, and what are the benefits? Here to explain is Adam Kurkiewicz, CFA. Adam is an investment analyst… Continue reading

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