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Outlook for September: Too soon to get defensive?

New highs in the equity markets and continued strength in the Treasury markets have a lot of investors thinking it’s time to go on the defensive. Interest rates can only go higher, and valuations are stretched, right? Wrong. Interest rates … Continue reading

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Market Roundup for August: False dawns and dusks

Fed Chair Yellen pointed out in her semiannual report to Congress that the U.S. economy has encountered a number of false dawns—when a hoped-for acceleration in growth has failed to materialize—during this recovery. That’s one reason—maybe the main reason—she is … Continue reading

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2014 Midyear Outlook

Few events can freeze economic growth like extremely cold weather can—and did—at the beginning of the year. But with the warmer weather, growth returned—and our capital market strategists expect it to continue. Here are the key themes they’ve identified so … Continue reading

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April: A month of reckoning?

In many parts of the country, the weather has taken a slight turn for the better. The economic data released for the first quarter of the year has been viewed as being distorted by the weather. With the start of … Continue reading

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Market Roundup for March: Madness or just messiness?

Weather-tainted economic data continued to steer investors’ attention to bigger-picture issues, such as what’s next for the Fed and ECB, whether Venezuela is going to get much worse before it gets better, and how the conflict in Ukraine will resolve. … Continue reading

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Market Roundup for February: Will it be short, but intense?

January didn’t start the year well, but the markets have 11 more months to redeem themselves. We think February’s movements might mimic January’s, with short and intense movements. U.S. economic data is likely to be muddled with the continued adverse … Continue reading

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Outlook 2014: Are we in the eye of the storm?

More than four years into a stock market rally, our chief market strategists ask, “Can it last?” Here’s an executive summary of their outlook—the full report is available on our website. The economy: Signs of accelerating growth are evident Except … Continue reading

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Outlook 2014: Send us your questions

As 2013 draws to a close, our capital market strategists are busy putting together the final touches on their 2014 outlook. But there’s one thing missing: your questions. Wondering about monetary policy, corporate profits, or how to position your portfolio … Continue reading


Market Roundup for November: Big Mo-vember?

It’s rare for investors to see back-to-back monthly gains like we’ve had in September and October. That’s why many of them are on bubble watch, thinking that the momentum can’t be maintained. Our team of capital market strategists look back … Continue reading

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Market Roundup for October: Boogeymen

It’s October, which means a new season of The Walking Dead, Halloween movie marathons, and scary ghouls and goblins ringing your doorbell looking for some candy. If only the scary things would stay on the TV screen, right? But it … Continue reading

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