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Working with the Wells Fargo Stagecoach Appearance Program and being a pet parent to three dogs, animals are often on my mind. The horses in the Stagecoach Program usually just work weekends and of course, my dogs only work, well, that would actually be never, unless you count occasionally barking at the squirrel in our backyard.

fallen horsesIn looking through our vast collections on the ’06 earthquake, I was surprised and horrified to see one statistic that stood out for me: Over 15,000 horses were estimated to have died in the catastrophe. In a time when horse power drove the economic strength of San Francisco, that was a huge impact on the city and its ability to respond to the emergency and rebuild later.

I wanted to investigate how animals fared back then, and my friend Casey found an enlightening reference Click here to learn about third-party website links:

It was the dogs, wild with fear, that gave me first the measure of our calamity… then came the dogs, couriers of the cataclysm—they had come far, for they ran slowly. Their jaws were dripping. They moaned and whined. All of them panted steadily up the steep hill… We were shaken but safe; below us were nameless horrors, the dogs knew, and knowing, ran to the high places.

My friend’s wise terrier, remote and safe from the shock or fire, began at once on the first day of the tragedy to forage and to conceal. She is still burying supplies in a back yard planted thick with her instinctive provision against the famine, that mankind, proceeding objectively, has averted.

San Francisco Chronicle
May 6, 1906

This was NOT a reference to inspire confidence. I began to recall some of the images from New Orleans in the days after Hurricane Katrina Click here to learn about third-party website links. One image I will not soon forget was of a man, in water waist high, floating along a Tupperware container which held a small white dog who looked out over the lip.

All these images and references made me think of how I should prepare for my animals in case disaster strikes. If you have pets or animals for which you are responsible, check out the American Red Cross Click here to learn about third-party website links or The Humane Society Click here to learn about third-party website links. It’s a great time to put together a plan.

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  1. Ann Stewart says:

    I heard this statistic on PBS last night and was staggered. As a horse owner and lover I was amazed that there was not a monument to these horses. It sounded as if they were worked to death not just killed by the earthquake. Wells Fargo could do worse than to sponsor a statue to these brave and sorry animals.

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