Behind the Glitz — Heroes of the Overland

This year is the sesquicentennial of the Butterfield Overland Mail Route, the first transcontinental stagecoach line. Casey Gill will follow the trail of the BOMC next month and blog about it here. Behind the scenes, teams of dedicated Historians are working ’round the clock to make this historical event come to life. For you!

The accident scene (Click for larger image in a new window)Casey’s journey across the land is the visible piece in a huge undertaking. Lots of sweat and yes, even some tears are falling on his behalf. Behind the BOMC glitz is the seamy underbelly we call reality.

Glen Myers is a Curator in the Wells Fargo History Museum here in San Francisco The other night, Glen and I were working on some video stuff for the project, when outside the studio window came a loud CRASH. We rushed to see what was up and saw a pile of wreckage that was, only moments before, three automobiles.

“My Car!!” Glen yelped and with a single leap, he was outside. Glen’s truck was parked behind another car outside the studio, and the third car of destiny came round the corner at high speed. That driver lost control and plowed into Glen’s truck, which macked into the one in front.

Museum curator Glen MyersNo one was injured, and the driver of the offending vehicle was led away in a stupor and taken to the hoosegow 
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The police and emergency workers on scene were brilliant, and darn efficient. After 3 hours of police work, insurance reports and tow trucks — there was even another crime across the street that needed the police! — our night’s work was through. Glen has everything worked out and we’ll get back in the studio on Sunday to finish the gig. But behind the glamor of Casey’s trip ‘cross country, there are many stories of bravery and perseverence that might never be known. Except for this blog, which brings you the real McCoy 
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Glen’s is one such story. The scars we bear are a testament to the level of committment we have to following the Butterfield Overland Mail Route. To bring it to you — our community. There is no greater sacrifice.

And we think Glen might get a Hybrid 
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out of it!

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  1. Faith says:

    hi i have read your blogs all my life. I really think that picture of that narly crash is unbelivable . please keep posting things and ill post back. Stay live life cause god didnt make us plastic.NO ONES PERFECT!

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