Is it time to rewrite your story?

What stories do you make up to help you get through crazy days, weeks or even years?  I know that I’ve gotten very effective at telling myself some pretty good stories to put things off or avoid things that I may be dreading.

The biggest story that I make up is “I don’t have enough time.”  Now there are many versions to this story depending upon the situation.  Here’s the version of my longest running story which I finally had to come to grips with, “I don’t have enough time to work out.”  Like many of you, I work all day and then when I get home my children need my time.  So I had rationalized in my mind that I could only work out on the weekends since I was already spending all day Saturday and Sunday with them.

I have been telling myself this story for 14 years.

A few weeks ago I was challenged to examine what the root of my story was really all about.  It came down to two things.  The first was my decision to avoid feeling guilt and the second which I had never admitted to myself, or to anyone for that matter, was that I sometimes feel bad that I am not a stay at home mom. The guilt piece was easy to understand. The tougher reality was realizing that Rob and I never even discussed the possibility of one of us staying home.

The story I created is not good for my physical, mental or emotional health.

So I am in the process of writing a new story, a different story.  I am a loving and caring mother and wife who is waging war against feeling guilt, embracing my choices and forgiving myself when I do not always make the right decision.  I want to lead a healthy and successful life and that includes making sure that I dedicate time every day to some type of physical exercise.

What stories do you make up about yourself, your family, your career and your finances? Do you have someone to talk to and work through what your new story can be?

Lisa Stevens

About Lisa Stevens

Mother of three…devoted wife…spiritually centered…community minded…Wells Fargo veteran…passionate about helping moms take care of themselves financially. Raised by a devoted mother who continues to provide unconditional love and support, Lisa has been following in her mother’s path for the last 14 years as she raises a son and two daughters with her husband and best friend, Rob. How she responds to challenges at home and at work is a daily reflection exercise. She strives to use unexpected character-building moments to embrace her shortcomings and commit to learning and growing. As a community banking executive, Lisa likes to think of life’s journey as a series of deposits – freely giving of yourself to others – and withdrawals – opening yourself to receiving gifts from others. She readily admits motherhood gave her an entirely new perspective here. Her personal experiences and 24-year career in financial services led her to write this blog with moms in mind. Money can evoke a range of emotions for moms, and Lisa strives here to help moms take control of their financial future.
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3 Responses to Is it time to rewrite your story?

  1. Candace Fukuda says:

    I love this piece Lisa. I am a strong advocate for leading a healthy lifestyle and have always felt that without good health, we have nothing. Even if people don’t have time to go to the gym, a simple 30 minute walk around your neighborhood with your dog, loved one, a friend or even by yourself is a great way to not only get physical activity but it also helps the mind. i know you firmly believe in living a balanced life and fitness, health and activity all play a role as well. Thank you for sharing your story.

  2. brandon avance says:

    Love this article and am constantly thinking about my story. Enjoyed hearing about how you’re rewriting yours.

  3. Sandy McCloskey says:

    Every one of us needs to be aware that we are responsible for the life we are creating for ourselves…But you may be feeling misplaced guilt because your children may in fact be positively affected by the role model you have given them of a working mother who loves her children.

    I read an article in in the 7/28/13 Sunday’s Business section, Daily Local News where you are shown in a photo wearing a black blazer, which I truly admired. I have been searching for a classic blazer with broad shoulders for so long. I was hoping you could tell me where you purchased that black blazer, or where i could find one similar to that? Thank you!!

Life In Balance

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