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Chelsea Castner knows how important our 20’s are for laying a foundation of values and guiding principles for life. That decade’s pivotal decisions can make us or break us. Maybe it was growing up on a farm in New Jersey with three brothers, but facing and talking about the “tough stuff” is in her blood. That attitude allowed her to tackle financial challenges of being single, sharing an NYC apartment with two roommates, balancing a social life, all while taking her career up a notch and planning for future goals. As a Brand Strategist at New York-based marketing company Just Ask a Woman, Chelsea’s interviews with hundreds of women across the country (in person and even on their cell phones while at the checkout counter) have made her a go-to source when it comes to understanding women. Due to her strong curiosity to always know why she created Just Ask Y, a think tank to help Generation Y women grow to their full potential by examining new trends, forward thinking ideas and personal subjects. She looks forward to posting candid, proactive and practical advice that will help millennial women start building long term relationship with their finances.

A year to get clear

At the start of the New Year we all proudly wear badges of optimism, vowing to change our bad habits and adopt new ones. Health and fitness always seem to top the resolution charts, but over the past few years … Continue reading

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When your wallet’s empty of the Holiday Spirit

As soon as department stores become a safety hazard and I can feel Jack Frost nipping at my nose, I know we have entered the most magical time of the year. It’s as if the Holiday Spirit awoke from its … Continue reading

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The gratitude search and rescue mission

As the holidays approach it’s hard not to be bombarded with overly jolly messages of giving thanks. And trust me I’ve always been an advocate for finding gratitude in every situation life hands you, but I’m willing to admit that … Continue reading

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Turning your budget from torture into freedom

I’ve always struggled with the idea of living my life according to a budget. It’s not that I was too lazy to make one or too frivolous with my money to stick to it, but to me budgets seemed like … Continue reading

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Cooking up your retirement plan

National Save for Retirement Week serves as a friendly reminder for each of us to look at our personal retirement goals and plan (like we need additional pressure than what Mom and Dad are already putting on us). As a … Continue reading

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The gamble for freedom

I recently decided to take a career leap of faith in myself. In one month I will be forgoing my consistent monthly income, an amount of money I know how to stretch to cover both my expenses and the pleasures … Continue reading

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The opportunity that swept me off my feet

I turned 25 this August and I decided it was going to be my year of new opportunities. I’m finally feeling settled in New York, I’ve significantly decreased the number of times I check subway routes, and I feel confident … Continue reading

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Deconstructing the millennial debt stress

It’s hard to feel financially free when carrying a heavy backpack of student loans. Wells Fargo’s Millennial Retirement Survey found that 54% of this generation claimed that debt was their biggest financial concern. But what’s interesting is to see the … Continue reading

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In defense of credit card swipers

I’ll find any excuse to use my credit card. My smoothie in the morning, I’m carrying too much to fumble with bills. Cab to Penn Station, counting cash might make me miss my train. Dinner with friends, it’s easier and … Continue reading

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401K: The perk that works for you

When accepting a new job, the benefits become the bonus points on the pro-list to remind ourselves the change is worth it. But bragging about the great 401(k) and employer-matching program an employer offers only holds weight if we’re actually … Continue reading

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