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Cooking up Your Financial Future

As a millennial I know how frustrating thinking about your financial future can be, especially when we’re struggling to get our financial present figured out. My brother, Morgan Castner, a Wells Fargo Advisors Financial Advisor, once said to me, “Chelsea, … Continue reading

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Family Finances: What I Learned from My Mother

My mother, Elaine Sherman, and I participated in a webcast about talking to your parents about family finances. It was part of a series of conversations moderated by More magazine and sponsored by Wells Fargo. We were interviewed, together, by … Continue reading

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Keeping Your Financial Goal in Your Mind’s Eye

Planning for retirement and investing is a lot like sailing and the markets can be unpredictable like the wind. But no matter how choppy the water or how off course you may find yourself, you must continue with confidence and … Continue reading

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Your retirement needs are a numbers game

Those of us who understand that retirement is a numbers game and therefore calculate our retirement needs are more likely to meet them. However, according to a Deloitte Center for Financial Services report from earlier this year, 58% of pre-retirees … Continue reading

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Ways to save money

One unfortunate fact of our psychological make-up is that humans, by nature, aren’t exactly wired to save. Still, we’re constantly looking for the best ways to save or, should I say, the easiest ways to save. Blame our caveman ancestors … Continue reading

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Taking steps to retirement isn’t always easy

“Taking action toward any long-term goal can be daunting. The results can seem intangible and the rewards seemingly non-existent. However, taking steps to retirement in order to build a sizable nest egg should be a top financial priority for anyone … Continue reading

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Money matters and other notes to my younger self

If I had the opportunity to give a note to my younger self with life lessons on it, I would start with financial advice. First, I’d encourage her to engage with money matters as soon as possible and, also, to … Continue reading

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Reduce your monthly expenses and bills

Sometimes after I go through the process of developing a spending plan with someone I’m working with I hear that they’re having trouble making ends meet. Sometimes they’re not able to save. Sometimes, they can’t even cover their monthly expenses … Continue reading

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A financial to-do list for same sex couples

It’s been a year since the Supreme Court struck down part of the Defense of Marriage Act of 1996, a ruling that allows people who live in states that allow same-sex marriage to receive the same federal benefits as heterosexual … Continue reading

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Millennial survey results: Pick up your savings pace

Today, we released the Wells Fargo Millennial Study on how this generation looks at money and their future. While 80 percent of millennials, ages 22-33, say the Great Recession taught them they have to save “now” to survive economic problems … Continue reading

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