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Women are making great strides

Despite the fact that many of us feel our progress in the workforce has been glacial, women have made great strides over the last several decades. Over the years that I’ve been working, I’ve personally seen many changes firsthand, and … Continue reading

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Tips on charitable giving that won’t hurt your bottom line

Giving to a charity you believe in is an investment of sorts — not the kind you put in your portfolio, but the kind you make in your psyche. People who give back have been shown to sleep better and … Continue reading

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Are you saving for something as opposed to for someday?

National Save for Retirement Week has gotten me thinking about my own savings journey, especially when I was in my late 20’s – the age of today’s millennials. I have always been a saver, but in my early working days, … Continue reading

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Retirement saving tips for children during National Save for Retirement Week

We’re in the midst of National Save for Retirement Week . And while I admit it’s not quite as exciting as Peanut Butter Lovers Month (coming up in November), it’s a good opportunity to revisit your retirement savings and make … Continue reading

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A conversation about retirement planning with my husband

If meeting with my accountant to pay taxes was enough to make me crawl under his desk and start popping anti-anxiety pills— you cannot imagine how much fun I have planning for retirement with my husband. Conversations with my husband, … Continue reading

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Start saving for retirement early

It seems patronizing to say that young workers have to start saving for retirement early, but is it? Retirement sits on the shoulders of today’s adults like no previous generation. Our grandparents and some of our parents not only had … Continue reading

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4 tips to help your decision to rent or buy

Should you rent or buy a home? Over the past decade, the housing market has been a roller coaster ride. Down. Way down. Up a little bit. Up big. Whether you’re looking for new dwellings because of a new job, … Continue reading

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My new found anxiety around money

Four years ago I never would have guessed that I’d be popping anti-anxiety meds in my accountant’s office because I made so much money as a writer/blogger that I was having to form a sole proprietorship. I wouldn’t have dared … Continue reading

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Choosing a 529 college savings plan

It’s no secret that college costs are rising at an alarming rate. And it’s not only the cost of tuition, but book fees, housing, meal plans, etc, etc, that are also growing. So being myopic in terms of saving for … Continue reading

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Saving for College: how to get started

Most parents know that saving for college is a top financial priority for the family. But when do you start scraping that money together? When you find out you’re expecting? Once the baby is here? At age one, five, or … Continue reading

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