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Building your nest egg in case of getting laid off

There’s nothing fun about getting laid off, particularly these days when the amount of time it takes to find the next job is still way above historical averages. But if it this financial setback has to happen, you’re best off … Continue reading

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Financial counseling: A smart move for a newly blended family

When my husband recommended that we sign up for financial counseling, I didn’t blink. Why? Because when I need help getting in shape, I schedule a few sessions with my personal trainer without hesitation. I didn’t think twice about pre-marital … Continue reading

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Think before you buy

Do you tend to think before you buy things? An article on got me thinking about some of my mindless buying habits. If you’re a frequent reader of this blog, you’ve probably already keyed into the fact that I’m … Continue reading

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Reduce your monthly expenses and bills

Sometimes after I go through the process of developing a spending plan with someone I’m working with I hear that they’re having trouble making ends meet. Sometimes they’re not able to save. Sometimes, they can’t even cover their monthly expenses … Continue reading

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Living on a budget

A while ago I wrote about the pain of having to start living by a budget in “Budget smudget.” Budgets are a necessary evil at certain times of life and it became a necessity for me. I was planning a … Continue reading

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When to refinance a mortgage or recast it

UPDATE: One of our readers, Petunia 100, found an error in this post. Recasting does not lower your interest rate—the only way to lower your interest rate is to refinance your loan. Sorry about that, and thanks, Petunia, for catching… Continue reading

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Recovering from financial problems

Financial problems can arise at any time. Hurricane Sandy. The housing bubble (and bust). Divorce. Cancer. Enron. What do all of those things have in common? They – and plenty of other triggers like them – have been the causes … Continue reading

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Mixing money and marriage

Mixing money and marriage can be messy. Over the past few years I’ve gotten married – so has my mother. We, like Carolyn, have set up household systems that seem to be working. And, like Carolyn, they both involve money … Continue reading

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Autism is a 6 letter word

April is National Autism Awareness Month, so we thought we’d show this post one more time. Sometimes blog ideas come to me in the strangest ways. The other day an idea came in the middle of a complete belly laugh… Continue reading

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