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Your opinion counts

While we might all tire from telemarketers calling at dinner time to ask for dollars or our opinion, most of us welcome a call from a friend, family or colleague asking our opinion. I don’t reach out as often as … Continue reading

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Learning to appreciate the small stuff

One thing we’ve learned over the past five-odd years – roughly the length of the economic downturn – is how to cut back. Some people cut back because they lost jobs or didn’t get expected raises or bonuses. Others cut … Continue reading

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Choosing guardians for your children

For any parent, choosing guardians is a struggle. You want to pick the right person for your children, of course. But weighing the pros and cons of select friends and family members isn’t pretty, and you also have to worry … Continue reading

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How talking it out can help ourselves and each other

Talking about money is not the easiest thing in the world. Far from it. According to one recent survey conducted by LearnVest, a financial education website, couples have about 20 conversations about money a year – and about five fights. … Continue reading

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Is the car really the haven for deep conversation?

I have had more than one parent share with me that some of the most important conversations seem to happen between parents and children in the car. I guess it is something about fewer distractions, and no direct eye contact… Continue reading

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Four ways to talk to your loved ones about your reinvention

I’m lucky to have a great relationship with my mother. Not only is she one of my biggest supporters, we enjoy each other as friends. (Whenever I’m speaking at a particularly fun or cool conference, I try to bring her… Continue reading

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Her world in her hands

One day while visiting my mother, she excitedly showed me a sheet of paper. Printed on the paper was just a simple spreadsheet, but it was much more. It was her retirement plan. Down the left-hand side were her funding… Continue reading

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Having the conversation – get your siblings involved

We’ve talked on this blog before about having a conversation with your parents about where they stand, financially. What we haven’t yet discussed is how to incorporate your siblings in that conversation. When you have multiple people involved, and you’re… Continue reading

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Have a conversation with your parents

This week, I’m beginning a series of posts about talking – talking about money. There are certain important financial conversations you should be having (some of them every few years, others on an ongoing basis). These include the conversation with… Continue reading

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Talk to your spouse or partner about retirement

I hope you and your spouse or partner talk about money on an ongoing basis. But I’d like you to have a conversation specifically about retirement. Why? Because I know plenty of couples that think they’re on the same page… Continue reading

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