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A conversation about retirement planning with my husband

If meeting with my accountant to pay taxes was enough to make me crawl under his desk and start popping anti-anxiety pills— you cannot imagine how much fun I have planning for retirement with my husband. Conversations with my husband, … Continue reading

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A financial lesson do over

If you are in a two income family with young children, I don’t have to tell you that life can be frenetic! My husband and I both worked while our two children were growing up, and that time just blew … Continue reading

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Love and money

I’m not going to pretend money is romantic. But many of the things you can do with money are romantic: The average person will spend close to $131 on Valentine’s Day, taking their loved one out to dinner, on a … Continue reading

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When to step in and takeover your parents finances

According to research from the Indiana University School of Medicine, about a quarter of people age 65 or older have at least slight cognitive impairment. For many adult children of this group, the stat brings up an important question: When … Continue reading

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Preteen money moment

Several weeks ago I was balancing a work day with taking care of my 10-year-old who was not in school at the time and my partner was caring for her mother. So, the day started with my daughter enjoying my … Continue reading

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What can you do when your parents don’t want to talk about money

At some point in your life, the tables will turn – your parents, who likely taught you nearly everything you know, will need a helping hand. Whether that means assisting them in downsizing, navigating the Medicare process, or taking over … Continue reading

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Balancing other needs when there is a special needs child in the family

More than 20 million families in the US have at least one member who has special needs. Their daily lives can be especially draining – not to mention expensive. Lisa, whose son Will has autism, says that his school costs … Continue reading

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Choosing guardians for your children

For any parent, choosing guardians is a struggle. You want to pick the right person for your children, of course. But weighing the pros and cons of select friends and family members isn’t pretty, and you also have to worry … Continue reading

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How talking it out can help ourselves and each other

Talking about money is not the easiest thing in the world. Far from it. According to one recent survey conducted by LearnVest, a financial education website, couples have about 20 conversations about money a year – and about five fights. … Continue reading

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Playing to your own financial strengths

Who manages the finances at your house? You? Your spouse? Both? Neither? I remember when it dawned on me that – even in houses run by people who are more than financially astute, Wall Street types and business owners – … Continue reading

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