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Is generosity in your genes?

On a recent business trip I stumbled across an article from the Chronicle of Philanthropy that was shocking. I have always assumed that the American spirit of giving to those less fortunate was a consistent bond we all share. This… Continue reading

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Tiffany Circle: Women Making Their Mark

How do you and your family plan giving to nonprofit organizations? Are you intentional or does it happen as you are asked? Our family has been working each year to become more intentional in our giving because there are so… Continue reading

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The right gift, at the right price

Folks: we’re entering the height of the gift-giving season. There are more events – weddings, graduation ceremonies, baby showers, etc. – in May, June and July than almost every other month combined. And whether you love to give gifts, or… Continue reading

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What matters most

I adore my in-laws, really I do. We look forward to spending time together, there’s little to no drama and we’re there for each other. Not many families can say that, which makes the divorce all the more hard on… Continue reading

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