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Don’t overlook the value of your 401(k)

We know how 401(k)’s work. Money is pulled out of your paycheck before it ever lands in your bank account and, if you’re lucky, your company matches your contribution up to a certain percent and the money grows tax deferred … Continue reading

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A conversation about retirement planning with my husband

If meeting with my accountant to pay taxes was enough to make me crawl under his desk and start popping anti-anxiety pills— you cannot imagine how much fun I have planning for retirement with my husband. Conversations with my husband, … Continue reading

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5 tips for juggling financial priorities

One of the biggest challenges when it comes to managing your money is juggling financial priorities: Should you save for your own future or college for your kids? Put money in an emergency fund or pad your 401(k)? Pay down … Continue reading

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Love and money

I’m not going to pretend money is romantic. But many of the things you can do with money are romantic: The average person will spend close to $131 on Valentine’s Day, taking their loved one out to dinner, on a … Continue reading

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When to step in and takeover your parents finances

According to research from the Indiana University School of Medicine, about a quarter of people age 65 or older have at least slight cognitive impairment. For many adult children of this group, the stat brings up an important question: When … Continue reading

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Have you really thought about what your retirement will look like?

I have a friend I’ve spoken about her many times before. She gave up her life here in North Carolina to take a job up north, so she could start taking actual steps towards her retirement dream of a building … Continue reading

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When do you qualify for old?

When do qualify for old? Is it based on age or attitude? My age still rounds down to 50, I certainly don’t feel old. Yet I remember when my parents were 50 and they seemed ancient. I do believe that … Continue reading

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Healthcare and retirement

Sometimes I feel that the more I learn about this phase of life traditionally referred to as “retirement”, the less confidence I have about realizing my hopes and dreams for this next phase of my life. I say that primarily … Continue reading

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Balancing other needs when there is a special needs child in the family

More than 20 million families in the US have at least one member who has special needs. Their daily lives can be especially draining – not to mention expensive. Lisa, whose son Will has autism, says that his school costs … Continue reading

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How do you plan for the possibility your child might not live an independent life?

As you heard in the video above, Lisa has a special needs child; her son Will, 11, has autism. We’re hearing more and more about autism these days, not just because celebrities like Toni Braxton and Jenny McCarthy are speaking … Continue reading

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