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Millennial survey results: Pick up your savings pace

Today, we released the Wells Fargo Millennial Study on how this generation looks at money and their future. While 80 percent of millennials, ages 22-33, say the Great Recession taught them they have to save “now” to survive economic problems … Continue reading

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5 tips on downsizing your home

At some point, many of us are going to want to downsize. Maybe the move will come because four bedrooms feels like two too many since the kids moved out, or because you want a place closer to your kids … Continue reading

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My runway is getting shorter every year

Having just celebrated another birthday, I continue the march toward my own retirement date. As it draws a little closer each year, and given my role at Wells Fargo in retirement, this next phase of my life is occupying more … Continue reading

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America Saves Week – a little help with budgeting

If you have ever read one of my posts you know how I feel about following a budget. I believe in the concept, I can create a solid plan, but as soon as I see the limitations on my open … Continue reading

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Put the personal in personal finance

One of my favorite Money Rules is Money Rule #1: Personal finance is more personal than it is finance. I wish I could take credit for it — as I wrote in the book, it comes from financial planner Tim … Continue reading

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Love and money

I’m not going to pretend money is romantic. But many of the things you can do with money are romantic: The average person will spend close to $131 on Valentine’s Day, taking their loved one out to dinner, on a … Continue reading

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A year to get clear

At the start of the New Year we all proudly wear badges of optimism, vowing to change our bad habits and adopt new ones. Health and fitness always seem to top the resolution charts, but over the past few years … Continue reading

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My 2014 challenge

I spent the day after Thanksgiving giving my office a thorough, long overdue cleaning. It was awful, I have to admit. But in going through my bookshelf, I came across Elizabeth Bradford’s book, The Painted Journal. This book was given … Continue reading

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When to step in and takeover your parents finances

According to research from the Indiana University School of Medicine, about a quarter of people age 65 or older have at least slight cognitive impairment. For many adult children of this group, the stat brings up an important question: When … Continue reading

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Have you really thought about what your retirement will look like?

I have a friend I’ve spoken about her many times before. She gave up her life here in North Carolina to take a job up north, so she could start taking actual steps towards her retirement dream of a building … Continue reading

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