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What you need to know about student loans and taxes

With tax season upon us, I’d like to share some good news with you: if you’ve been repaying your student loans this year, you may be able to get some money back.1 The IRS allows for the deduction of up … Continue reading

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Top 3 things to consider for your college decision

Planning for college is an exciting yet stressful experience, especially when it comes to making that big decision: Where will you attend school? Fear not! The college decision is nothing to worry about, but there are a few important things … Continue reading

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Preparing for the waitlist: 3 ways to stay positive

Picture it: You’ve applied to the school of your dreams. You’ve written an entrance essay and presented them with a list of your transcripts and accomplishments. Then, a few months later, you receive an envelope from your dream school informing … Continue reading

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FAFSA help

If you are planning to attend college in the fall and you haven’t done so already, you will want to complete and submit your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) application by March 2, 2014. How can you meet … Continue reading

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Getting a job after college

During the last semester of college, I expected to easily find a “real” job post-graduation. All of my friends graduating ahead of me were getting great job offers, I went to a good school, and had good grades. I was … Continue reading

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The Pros and Cons of Student Loan Consolidation

You might find entering repayment after graduation to be a bit of a challenge. You’re starting a new phase of your life, launching your career, and adjusting to a whole new set of responsibilities and freedoms. Trying to figure out … Continue reading

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Student loan consolidation tips

If you have several student loans, you may be thinking about finding a way to consolidate them into one or two more manageable monthly payments. In the past, we have talked about considerations around consolidation. Here are a few more … Continue reading

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The benefits of studying with friends

The saying “two brains are better than one” exists for a reason: there are great benefits to sharing your study time with friends. If studying alone is getting monotonous, here are some reasons that you may want to break up … Continue reading

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Tips for your college applications

When I was going off to college, I had the benefit of being a younger sister and among the youngest in my group of high school friends, so I got to see 2 rounds of college applications before it was … Continue reading

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What is a credit score & how to get a free credit report

If you have—or are planning to have—private student loans, your credit score and credit report are crucial pieces of information that can either save or cost you thousands of dollars over the life of your loan. Much like your high … Continue reading

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