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Planning for Spring Break

Spring break is right around the corner, and for many, the much needed break could not come any sooner.  With the harsh winter weather of recent, a warm destination is probably more than welcome.  If you don’t have your break … Continue reading

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What we did to get involved on campus

You may be on your way to finding your niche at college with Caroline’s article from Tuesday, but our whole blog team had some additional items to share about how we got involved (or not) on our campuses. I attended … Continue reading

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What can you learn from the people you meet in school?

For me, the best thing about college was not just what I learned from classes, it was also what I learned about life. Going away to school was the first time I was on my own, and I was thrown … Continue reading

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Logging On = Listening Off – Does this happen to you?

These days, its commonplace to see rows of students, heads down, typing (or tapping) away furiously on their laptop (or tablet) in class. Back in my day (when dinosaurs roamed the earth and people actually used cell phones for calling), … Continue reading

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Mobile Banking: A Smart Choice

As a rising college senior I can still remember the summer before freshman year, planning almost every detail of how I believed my freshman year would go. Sure I had a meal plan, my rent settled, and the majority of … Continue reading

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Getting there is more than half the fun

Student LoanDown readers, let me introduce you to our newest blogger, Samantha Simon, who has joined us as an intern this summer as she gets ready for her last year as an undergraduate in Ohio. Welcome, Samantha! –DF Going… Continue reading

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Summer classes – how to stay focused when your friends are at the beach

School’s out for sum—er… maybe not. If you’re one of the lucky few that have chosen to opt in on Summer Intensives, you may have some obstacles in the way – namely social daytime activities. How are you expected to… Continue reading

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Toilet paper ain’t cheap…

We are beginning the month of June and for some, your first year of college is coming to a close. Think of how you have grown in the past year and how much you have accomplished! It may not seem… Continue reading

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7 Great Apps

Excel in and out of the classroom by using your smartphone to its fullest potential. You already take notes via Evernote, but now you can catch the TED talk and impress your professor. Keep in touch with your friends and… Continue reading

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Make the most of your college experience

Congratulations! You’ve made the decision to go to college or graduate school. Whether you have selected a school or are in the process of choosing a school that best fits your ambitions, be sure to make the most of your… Continue reading

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