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Creating a support network for your college student

Students on their way to college may need a lot of support. As parents, you’re always there to help, but students can also benefit from the insights and encouragement offered by other adults in their lives. You can help your … Continue reading

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Average College Costs and What You Might Earn

With the fall semester fast approaching, college students are working, saving money, and buying the supplies and furnishings they’ll need to live and study on campus. And though every college track is different, every student has one thing at the … Continue reading

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Essay Exam Writing Tips

Essay exams are a college reality, yet they can seem scary since essay writing can be very challenging, even without the additional pressures of test environments and time limits. Keep in mind that the purpose of essay exams is to … Continue reading

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The benefits of studying with friends

The saying “two brains are better than one” exists for a reason: there are great benefits to sharing your study time with friends. If studying alone is getting monotonous, here are some reasons that you may want to break up … Continue reading

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A little low on dough?

October is here and you have settled into the fall semester at college. Everything is going great except you have already gone over budget and money is tight. What to do? This is very common, especially for first year students. … Continue reading

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What can you learn from the people you meet in school?

For me, the best thing about college was not just what I learned from classes, it was also what I learned about life. Going away to school was the first time I was on my own, and I was thrown … Continue reading

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Information and Tips for First Generation Students and Families Planning for College

According to a 2013 report from the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, college graduates have lower unemployment rates, fare better during recessions, and earn wages roughly double those of high school graduates. When made responsibly, a higher education remains … Continue reading

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Having the courage to fail

A little over 4 years ago I made a decision to leave the life I knew in Austin and move to New York.  Many people thought I was nuts to move at such a time.  The industry I work in … Continue reading

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One million dollars

It’s not just for Dr. Evil; almost everyone would gladly have a million dollars—just ask the person next to you. According to a recent study at Georgetown University, though, it’s also about how much a college degree is worth over… Continue reading

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Helping colleges and universities

Student LoanDown readers, I’d like to introduce you to guest blogger, Stephanie Rico. Stephanie is with our Environmental Affairs group working to help our company invest in environmental solutions for stronger communities. She’s been focused on driving positive change, including… Continue reading

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