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The Power of Your Credit Score: How its value exceeds your GPA

Your grade point average (GPA) may have been the single most important score that teachers, academic institutions, and companies used to determine your ability to learn and take responsibility. Because there was such value placed on your GPA, you probably … Continue reading

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Comparing college award letters

At this time of year, you seniors are probably anxiously awaiting award letters from the schools you applied to. While receiving an award letter is exciting, it’s important that you understand how to read and interpret your awards. Your award … Continue reading

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Good money habits for the new year

Editor’s note: New Year’s resolutions are often all about habits: creating news ones, kicking bad ones. This week, we’ll talk about money habits, and how you can make resolutions to build good habits and minimize bad habits. While resolutions are … Continue reading

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Exit counseling for your private loans

Fall graduation is almost here which means soon it will be time for students to attend exit counseling sessions. When you borrow money from certain student loan programs, like the Direct Subsidized or Unsubsidized loan, the federal government requires schools … Continue reading

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Federal student loans vs. private student loans

A student loan, is a student loan, is a student loan, right? In some aspects, that statement is true. For example, all student loans need to be repaid. After all, it is a loan and not a gift. The more … Continue reading

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5 steps toward college

Making the decision to attend college can be life changing.  Once you have made the choice, you then need to figure out how to pay for it which, let’s face it, can be overwhelming.  Many families are not sure how … Continue reading

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When borrowing for school, compare your options

If you’re going to college or grad school in the fall, in the next couple months you’ll be making critical decisions about how you’ll finance the next school year. There are so many different options and loans available to you;… Continue reading

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Decoding your award letter with the Financial Aid Shopping Sheet

This year the college financial aid award letter process will be a bit different for families with the implementation of the Financial Aid Shopping Sheet. The shopping sheet is a form that was designed by the federal government in an… Continue reading

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Repayment Tips for Student Loan Borrowers

For May graduates, student loan repayment begins during November or December following a six-month grace period that is allowed on most federal and private student loans. Although graduates may understand the value of a college degree, navigating life after college… Continue reading

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Jump$tart your financial literacy

One thing I truly believe is that it’s never too early or too late to take steps to get a better grasp on personal finance. (Even if you already think you know what you’re doing! J) There are tons of… Continue reading

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