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Preparing to let go

The college countdown is on, and the start of fall semester is only a few weeks away. Parents, if you’re having a hard time thinking about your kid leaving the nest, there are a few things you can do to… Continue reading

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Teaching children how to save

Some of the most important lessons I learned during college happened outside of classrooms or lecture halls. Like, learning to keep track of my spending and pay monthly bills on time! And sometimes I had to learn the hard way… Continue reading

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Love, life insurance, and … fruit flies?

Every year on Valentine’s Day, we go to great lengths for the ones we love. We prepare a four-course meal. We plan a surprise weekend getaway. We drive to a minimum of four flower shops before we find one with… Continue reading

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Back to school resolutions for new grads (and parents)

Why are we offering back-to-school resolutions for college graduates who aren’t heading back to school? Because no matter how old you get, most of us still get that “back to school” urge to start fresh when September rolls around. (You’ll… Continue reading

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Back-to-school resolutions for college students (and parents)

Ahhhh, a new year on campus. Quick, before the not so desirable college habits take over—like skipping class to watch soaps or play video games—resolve to make this school year a bit more productive when it comes to classes, money,… Continue reading

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Back-to-school resolutions for high school students (and parents)

Editor’s note: In the next few posts we’re talking about the new year. Not the January 1st one, not the Chinese one, but the school one. And what better way to kick off a new year than with some resolutions!… Continue reading

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How parents can help pay for college

After Caroline asked about your involvement in planning and paying for college, I wanted to address the latter part in a bit more detail. So if you (or your parents, for those student readers) want to help pay for college,… Continue reading

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Parents: What’s your post-college role?

For students, the post-college months can be some of the most awkward in life. Expectations are high for an instant career and adult life. But reality? Maybe months at home looking for a job. As a parent, it’s not an… Continue reading

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Parent’s poll: How involved are you?

Editor’s Note: In our next few posts, we’re talking to all the parents out there. Whether you’ve got a child who’s planning for college, finishing college, or learning money management, these posts are for you! (—Barbara) Years ago, it was… Continue reading

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What do you do when it comes to filing your taxes?

Tax day will be here before you know it. As a student (or the parent of a student), there are a variety of tax deductions that may be available to you, so be sure to educate yourself with our online… Continue reading

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