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Getting a handle on acceptance paperwork

Once your high school senior has been accepted to college, it’s time to tackle the paperwork together. Every school is different in regard to what paperwork they require, so it’s important to pay attention to any communication from your senior’s … Continue reading

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Creating a support network for your college student

Students on their way to college may need a lot of support. As parents, you’re always there to help, but students can also benefit from the insights and encouragement offered by other adults in their lives. You can help your … Continue reading

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Find your study partner

Taking the SAT or ACT is one big step towards college, since most colleges and universities use these test scores as part of their admissions process. Check with your school counselor or your top choice schools to determine which test … Continue reading

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Getting down to brass tacks: How to read award letters

Your senior students may be starting to receive award letters from their chosen schools. It is an exciting time, and it’s important to understand how to read and interpret these awards. Each school may present the award letter information a … Continue reading

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Understanding your award letter

Soon you’ll be receiving award letters from your potential colleges. Make sure you review them carefully and understand the financial aid that’s being offered and what your final costs will be. It may be helpful to use an online comparison … Continue reading

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Teaming up to help your student tackle ACT/SAT tests

If your high school student is taking the ACT or SAT in the coming months, you can support them by helping them lay the groundwork. Students who get overly stressed may need a little more guidance to help them do … Continue reading

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4 reasons your high school senior should take AP/CLEP tests

With all the testing done in the schools today, not to mention the ACT/SATs, your high school student may feel a little over-tested. With that in mind, should you encourage them to take the AP or CLEP test as well? … Continue reading

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Accepted! Now what do you do?

If you have applied for early acceptance to college and gotten in, congratulations! It is a great way to lock in the school you’re certain about. So what happens next? Now, you can start planning for the year ahead: Accept … Continue reading

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College application time: encouraging your student to look at many options

Students may start their college search with a set of preconceived ideas. They may have their heart set on a prestigious college, or they may simply want to attend the nearby school where their friends are headed. Neither choice is … Continue reading

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Send out recommendation thank yous

This fall was likely full of tests, applications, and essays of all sorts. And that doesn’t even cover your school-work. College and scholarship applications not only took up a lot of your time, however: there were all of those recommendations … Continue reading

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