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Could you borrow less for college?

It’s something to think about. I recently advocated for taking a look at your personal expenses to see if you could cut your monthly bills. As the end of this semester approaches, you may want to consider taking a look… Continue reading

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Ignorance isn’t bliss

When I saw this article recently in my morning newspaper, I was not surprised. And I was surprised. All in the first sentence. Here’s the part that did not surprise me: “Nearly 40 percent of Iowa State University students underestimated… Continue reading

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Doomed to a life of debt?

Is that the story for college students who aren’t entering high-paying professions these days? Or for students entering an “open-ended” type of major that doesn’t lead to one particular career path? (Psychology, history, and English, for instance.) Personally, I don’t… Continue reading

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Is a college education still worth it?

In today’s challenging job market, does it still pay to get a college education? Recently the Wells Fargo Economics group explored the issue in their article “The Kids Are Alright” (PDF)*. Ultimately the article concludes that despite increasing college tuition… Continue reading

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Does borrowing give you confidence?

Last week Barbara shared this article with me, and I have to say, it made my jaw drop. In a nutshell, a new study is showing that young adults are feeling empowered by their credit card and education debt. The… Continue reading

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Halfway there

Good luck on midterm exams! Is it really that time already? How does it feel to be halfway there? For me, the halfway point on any journey—be it college, my twenties, or even a trip to the supermarket—is a time… Continue reading

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Livin’ the debt free life!

One of the scariest words to me is “debt”! *Jaws music plays in the background* Seriously, being in too much debt is a looming, scary thing that everyone should try to climb out of or just avoid. While I don’t… Continue reading

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A get out of debt plan

Obviously we want all our readers to be financially savvy, which is why we talk with you about having a plan and sticking to your budget. Sometimes, though, folks don’t have the financial know-how they need before they get into… Continue reading

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Managing joint finances

As my year of the wedding is coming to a close (only to be followed by the year of the engagement, it seems), I’ve been thinking a lot about marriage and finances. Money has the potential to put a lot… Continue reading

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What are you saving for?

When I opened my inbox today, I found a message from the bank. My automatic transfer had gone through, adding another chunk of change to my savings account. Recently, I dedicated one of my savings accounts for a specific goal:… Continue reading

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