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Scholarship samples

As a left-handed woman of tall stature I could’ve applied for $2,000 in scholarships—provided I attended a certain school and didn’t shrink below 5’10″. During this National Scholarship Month, I wanted to give you a reminder that not all scholarships… Continue reading

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Kids and money

Through my years working in college admissions and student lending, I’ve heard many experts talk about financial education for children and young adults. Each expert seems to have their own method for parents to teach their kids about money. Some… Continue reading

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Parent’s poll: How involved are you?

Editor’s Note: In our next few posts, we’re talking to all the parents out there. Whether you’ve got a child who’s planning for college, finishing college, or learning money management, these posts are for you! (—Barbara) Years ago, it was… Continue reading

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PLUS loans or private loans?

When undergraduate students and parents are looking to cover education costs—after using scholarships, grants and Federal Stafford loans, of course—additional borrowing to cover that gap is a common solution. One of the common questions asked at that point is, “Which… Continue reading

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Where, oh where, can those scholarships be?

It’s scholarship season — not just for seniors in high school, but for any students who will be enrolled this fall. This kind of education funding is super important. It’s something you don’t have to pay back, and it means… Continue reading

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How often do you talk to your parents?

Now that you’re back (or finally) on campus, we’re wondering how often you chat with the parental units back home. Are your parents on speed dial? Do you check in from time to time? Maybe your parents are the ones… Continue reading

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The SLD Dean’s List

To celebrate four years of blogging at the Student LoanDown, I thought I’d call out a few of the posts that readers found the most resourceful and/or the posts I got a kick out of. So without further ado, here’s… Continue reading

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Parents: Are you getting oriented, too?

I came across this article the other day about college-orientation sessions for parents. These aren’t a brand-new thing, certainly. They had parent sessions when my stepdaughter started college five years ago. But it’s definitely a new phenomenon with this generation… Continue reading

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Surviving a move back home

Last month, I asked about your living arrangement after graduation. This time of year, as some students are transitioning to their post-college life, one buzzword keeps popping up in the news: boomerang. Moving back in with your parents or another… Continue reading

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A new college financing option

When it comes to borrowing for education, you know that student loans come in two varieties — those that are backed by the government and those made by private companies, like Wells Fargo, which are based on the borrower’s credit…. Continue reading

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