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Wells Fargo small business segment manager Doug Case explains why a business plan is a must-have for every small business to guide growth. Continue reading

Today is National Teacher Appreciation Day, which is part of National Teacher Appreciation Week.  Make sure you take the time today, or this week to let a teacher know how much you appreciate them.  In 2013, as part of Wells Fargo’s … Continue reading

Every year, at about this time, I do some spring cleaning — both of my home and my finances. I won’t bore you of the details of cleaning out my garage, but I will tell you that where my money … Continue reading

This month is Bike to Work month and it got me thinking about other ways to “green” our commutes. Though I have friends that bike the 15 miles …

Nonfarm productivity (output per hour worked) declined 1.9% in the first quarter of 2015. Output declined 0.2%, while hours worked increased 1.7%. This is the second quarter in a row that productivity declined. The last time that happened was in … Continue reading

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Who is knocking on the college door? According to the College Board Group research, an increasingly diverse academically prepared student body. This presents substantial challenges and opportunities for school counselors to give prospective students helpful direction. That’s why we created … Continue reading

Over a recent weekend, I had the chance to spend time with my college roommates. It is hard to believe that we all came together as a close knit unit over 25 years ago. We spent the weekend reminiscing about … Continue reading