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Red Envelopes

2015 will be the Year of the Ram (Sheep) on the lunar calendar, and a blessing of “Happiness, Prosperity and Longevity” accompanies festivities for the Chinese Lunar New Year which begins on February 19. Wells Fargo has a long tradition … Continue reading

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International Ad Help

In the 1970s as Wells Fargo was expanding international business, prints ads featured our stagecoach in iconic landscapes on various continents. It was depicted in front of a foggy Tower Bridge in London and the Hong Kong skyline, as well … Continue reading

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A Key to the Zoo

My husband has fond memories of visiting the zoo as a child and using his plastic Trunkey the Elephant key to unlock special talking storybooks, audio exhibits with fascinating information about the animals. My son was thrilled to continue the … Continue reading

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Those Madison Avenue Men and Women

The cable series Mad Men was nominated this year for eight Emmy awards in acting, art direction, costumes, make up, hair styling, and more. Like so many people, I have been an avid viewer and am sorry to see it … Continue reading

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Belt Buckle Giveaways

Nowadays the plush pony is the star of annual new account promotions, but in the 1970s Wells Fargo belt buckles were all the rage. Graphic artist Michael Dolas designed a rectangular buckle featuring a stagecoach in 1973, and a few … Continue reading

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Save your money. Go coach.

Over the years, Wells Fargo marketing departments have utilized our rich history in creative ways to advertise. I especially love all the phrases we have used in banking ads that slyly refer to our express and stagecoach businesses. We move … Continue reading

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Two rooms that span a century

  I am constantly surprised by the power of advertising and how some vintage pieces still resonate today. One of my favorites is this print ad from 1956 that features an exhibit of Wells Fargo history alongside a room full of … Continue reading

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Wells Fargo cakes

My sister-in-law owns a small bakery and occasionally sends pictures of fun cakes she created at a customer’s request. Festivities in banking, as in any other work environment, often feature decorated cakes. The Wells Fargo Corporate Archives documents many things, … Continue reading

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Paper Moustache

Long before Mr. B the Gentleman Rhymer, steampunk fashion, and the current craze of mustache paraphernalia, Wells Fargo created a promotional paper moustache on which were printed the words “You’re in Wells Fargo Country.” According to my internet mustache style… Continue reading

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Help vet this image

Greetings! I have returned with another photo caption contest, the fun pastime where I pull an interesting photo from the Wells Fargo Corporate Archives for which you write a witty and relevant caption. Please submit all captions through the comments… Continue reading

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