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April Fools, Business Rules

Happy April Fool’s Day!  A day filled with harmless (I hope) practical jokes and hoaxes.  The unofficial holiday was made popular in the 19th century and continues today with the popularity of social websites.  Recently, while searching local newspapers, I … Continue reading

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University of Oregon College Football

Tonight is all about college football as the Ohio State Buckeyes and the University of Oregon Ducks faceoff for the NCAA championship. Before college bowls, national rankings, and now playoffs, college football was a regional contest. College football in Oregon … Continue reading

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American Red Cross and Wells Fargo

When disasters such as the earthquake in Napa Valley suddenly strike our communities, Wells Fargo supports the efforts of such long-established organizations as the American Red Cross to provide national and international disaster relief.  For over 125 years, the Red … Continue reading

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You got me…

Here’s an image from our Archives. I admit I have no idea what the backstory is. This—a lovely young woman sitting in an Old West-style chair—is one of those unexplained, curious images we have in the collection. We find them… Continue reading

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Wells Fargo in Arizona

On Tuesday, Arizona celebrates 100 years of statehood. At long last, something to do on February 14th! There is a huge celebration in Phoenix this weekend. Wells Fargo will participate, with the Stagecoach on display at Arizona Best Fest. (And… Continue reading

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Peach Month

According to the U.S. Archives, August is Peach Month. People, we’re a week behind! There are many of us who exult over stone fruits, and look forward to this season of the year. I personally eat ‘em all day long,… Continue reading

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Adapting to the cold

It has been a difficult winter across the country, with sustained periods of below-freezing temperatures, the thermometer often dipping below zero, and record-setting snowfall paralyzing cities in the Midwest and East. Here in Minnesota, even though we still long for… Continue reading

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More on Crows Landing

Here are two interesting documents to add to my earlier article on First National Bank of Crows Landing. I recently stumbled upon a couple of envelopes sent to Clinton Pike Crow, an uncle of Benjamin Franklin Crow, a founder of… Continue reading

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Buen Hispanic Heritage Month!

Today, Hispanic Heritage Month begins. It’s when we enjoy the many gifts we’ve gotten over the centuries — language, food, music, art, friendships. Intelligence. Beauty. The Wells Fargo Archives recently acquired this image, a postcard sent in 1948, showing the… Continue reading

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My dears

Thank you! I loved all of your submissions to the most recent photo captions contest. Miss J brought me to tears with “Trophy Wife — you’re doing it wrong.” “Proof positive that wearing frumpy, ill-fitting sweaters can affect your looks”… Continue reading

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